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I can't say enough great things about Michael Plaks and his staff. Since we began working with Michael, he has always gone above and beyond to help with myself and our partners with our real estate and construction businesses.

His staff has always been equally supportive and helpful along the way as well. Most importantly, Michael Plaks is a TRUE expert in his field, so I always feel 100% confident in his expertise!

Brant Phillips


Top notch tax service for real estate investors!  I've been doing business with Michael for several years and would NOT use anyone else.  Michael even got me a refund with an amended return that was originally prepared by another tax professional!  You NEED Michael if you invest in real estate!!!

Benita Stanford


I've had the pleasure of working with Michael Plaks for tax preparation several years. As a Real estate entrepreneur, taxes and tax strategies are so important. It takes a True Competent Professional to understand what we do in The world of Real Estate. Michael tells you the truth, not what you want to hear. We appreciate all he does in The Real Estate Community. 

Pam Douglas


I have been using Michael Plaks to prepare my taxes since 2005.  I am a residential real estate broker and investor.  I have rental property and have bought and sold houses.  I have a lot of expenses and my tax situation is not simple.

Michael has done an incredible job of making my filings easy.  He is very easy to work with and he has saved me a lot of money I would not have even known about with his recommendations.
I highly recommend using Michael Plaks for your taxes.

Bob Mahan


Michael helped me on a very complex and tricky real estate tax issue when I was facing an audit related to a real estate business.  Going into the process, I consulted with another attorney with national experience with this issue who said out of 20 similar cases he had only won 1.

Amazingly, Michael coached me through the process and how best to present my solid case resulting in my winning the case (despite the low odds the different expert had told me).  Even more amazingly, Michael bent over backwards to help me even going as far as meeting in the office until 9pm on a Friday to advise me on the case.

I would highly recommend Michael as the best option to consult for help on any real estate related tax issues - both for his expertise and for his pragmatic counsel.

Bryan Tantzen


I continue to use Michael for my personal and business tax returns. No matter how complex I believe my returns to be, Michael has a solution to put me at ease.  Michael has personally handled my returns throughout the years and continues to impress me with his knowledge and gratitude. Look no further, your tax filing solution is here!

Eric Fitzgerald


I am a new Investor and had so many questions.  I ordered nearly all of his instructional videos and they were GOLD!  I am so thankful he and his co-presenters made them and have them at extremely reasonable prices.  I was then able to start refining my business plan and goals for the year, but then I thought of more specific questions about my situation and Michael graciously took time to meet with me to answer them.  Most of them were tax-related, but he also helped me with my focus and goals.

It really felt like he loves his job and wants to help newbies like me in any way he can.  He has been in the business for over 20 years and has a plethora of experience and knowledge specific to Real Estate Investors.  When I left that meeting, I felt like what he told me made so much sense and I still had a lot of homework to do. He gave me non-sugar-coated advice and I am so grateful that he's a straight-shooter.

Great sense of humor, too, btw.  He will be my only Accountant and I trust him completely.  You can't say that about everyone.  I could rave about him until the cows come home.  Schedule a meeting with him now.  Don't wait!

Tara Raymundo


Michael and his services are outstanding.  On the subject of real estate and taxes, there is no one better.  Paying for peace of mind and expertise is exactly what you get when working with him.  I gladly endorse his services.

Duner Barrier

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